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Here are samples of my work.

Newsletter/Feature Articles

Web hosting and development services blog
5 Keys To Creating Website Content That Gets Results
Your website will be successful if its content is easy to read, focused, valuable, persuasive and motivating…

Non-profit newsletter article
American Red Cross Mile High Chapter
Windsor rebuilds one year later
When a monster tornado blasted across Northern Colorado this time last year, destroying homes, business and farms; leaving one dead and a hundred injured, the Red Cross was there…

Industry newsletter article
U.S. Dept. of Energy: Western Area Power Administration
Clearing tree encroachment can prevent outages
If a tree falls in the forest…can it plunge several coastal cities into darkness? In the summer of 2003, the nation’s worst blackout—which cut power in several northeastern states—was caused in large part from a single tree in Ohio that made contact with a line…

Employee newsletter article
City of Thornton, Colorado
Team up with Engineers
Engineering Division employees hit the ground running when a water main at 120th Avenue & Washington Street was ruptured by construction workers last month. While water flowed and traffic backed up…

Business profile
Thornton Quarterly Magazine
Fun in the Sun
Motorcycle riding is a passion, a lifestyle, a fantasy of open roads with the wind in your hair that is more appealing than ever in today’s passive Web-wired world…

Lifestyles article
Non-profit mental health advocacy organization publication
Surviving unemployment
Your unemployment has stretched into weeks, perhaps months. Your bank account is shrinking and so is your self-esteem…

Personal story
American Red Cross Mile High Chapter newsletter
Red Cross kept WWII POWs alive
The Allied airmen in the German POW camp were cold and hungry. At Stalag Luft III in Sagan, food was scarce…

Press Release

American Red Cross Mile High Chapter
Six who saved the life of doctor in fiery crash recognized by American Red Cross
When two Colorado State troopers reached a Children’s Hospital doctor trapped in his blazing SUV on I-70, they battled to keep the flames from consuming him until…

Promotional copy

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